Membership Categories

NRENs were formed to serve academic and research institutions as in universities as well as specialized research institutions who often come together to collaborate and share academic and research knowledge and resources. For TERNET, it is no different, TERNET serves higher education and research institution and this group includes polytechnics, community colleges, and training colleges. As part of TERNET Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative we provide specialized service to Secondary School. There are three categories for TERNET membership:

  • Higher Learning Institutions: This category includes Universities and associated colleges, training colleges, polytechnics and community colleges.
  • Research Institutions: Includes governmental and non-governmental institutions that have a principal mission of conducting research that will foster and enhance the wellbeing of the Tanzania community.
  • Service Providers and Stakeholders: Includes governmental and non-governmental institutions that are mandated to support Higher Education and Research Institutions in Tanzania.

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