Network Engineers' Training and Workshops

In order to build capacity of ICT staff in our member institutions, TERNET secretariat in collaboration with partners like NSRC and TzNOG organizes six technical training sessions every year. These training sessions are based on different areas of expertise depending on the needs of ICT staff in the particular member institutions as well as the changing nature of the ICT industry. Common areas of expertise have been campus network design and operations, network monitoring and management, network security, and server administration.

The training sessions are usually hosted by member institutions on volunteering basis and the host institution gets two free seats in the session.

Why Training with TERNET

  • TERNET curriculum is custom made for education and research campus environment
  • Training materials are developed by engineers with technical expertise in campus network and systems administration.
  • Training is supplemented by ISOC online resources.
  • This one-week training give participants opportunity to meet other engineers from other campuses around the country and share experiences while creating a platform for supporting each other.


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